A  Christmas Card. . . . . . .Echoing on radios around the world
He shall be great
and shall be called the Son of the
Guess Who ?
Is he giving them a Horn?
Solitary Life
The Letter
Peace Came Down
Will God Know?
Christmas Remembered
The Soldier-All Is Secure
Looks Like Christmas
The Gloves
You're On My List
Sleigh Ride
Grandpa's Boy
Listen  -  Do You Hear What I Hear....?  

This is my Christmas card to you.  Some of my favourite music,
remembrances, short stories, and  the traditional "A Letter From
Michael" in the final segment.  

May the joy and true meaning of the season be yours.  

               Lee & Nancy

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ute or two to load.
                 A  Personal Audio Christmas Card    
rom Lee  and Nancy                           
"Fear not, for behold, I bring you good news of great joy which will be to all people.."
Selections Include:
    This Audio Card  contains some of my  favorite selections and remembrances.
 "The Gloves" is an amazing story.  "The Soldier" will touch every heart
 and of course "One Solitary Life" &  "A Letter From Michael."  
 We  sincerely wish you  a happy,  meaningful, and blessed Christmas.  
Bill, Lee, Sara, Dawne, Jennifer, Laura,  Daniel, Max, MaKenna, Dayna, Ken, Jack , Karen & John, Patti &
Peter, Bob & Eliana, Alan     and especially all  the children. . .with love     
                        . . . . .      and you.