I guess I should begin by telling you that I was on the radio because of Lee Alan.   

I still remember playing pool in my basement in Southfield Michigan after returning from a date or whatever...and
there on my radio was "The Horn"  He was a real part of my life.  He still is.

I knew how his show would end.  I knew how it would begin.  Always the same.  Strong. Different.  Uptempo.  Then
crashing down to a smooth ballad.    It was like a ride at Edgewater Park!

I wasn't so much what he played; but "how" he played it.  No so much what he said; but "how" he said it.  When Lee
Alan was on the radio every fiber of his being was there and present.  He will always be remembered as one of the
very best of the very best.  He defined those days one hour, and one show at a time.  He was never the same, but
he was always the same.  

How did he do that?

Ego?  Sure.  You don't affect hundreds of thousands of lives and remain a humble little man. There was nothing
small or humble about Lee Alan.  He played large, he won large, and he failed large. When I was on the air, I could
always hear him in my ear...."Lee would have liked that" I would think.

One night I had just started doing the All Night Show on WXYZ, when he called me at about 3:00 AM.  Lee was my
boss and the Program Director.  He said:

"Why did you just play that record?"  
I said "I don't know...I just played it".  (Thinking he must never sleep)
He said "Don't EVER do that again!"  
"Do what?" I said.  (Not getting his meaning.)
He said "Don't ever play another record on the air without knowing "why".

I never did.  That's why the music on my show seemed different, even though I was using the same playlist as
everybody else.  During every record I would ask myself...."why"  are you playing that record next?

This audio recording is like sitting down in your living room and having Lee come over for an evening and telling
you personally everything that happened "back then".  It is very special to him.  And that's how it sounds.  

I'm really fortunate that I found him on the radio one night; it truly changed my life.  Thanks Lee. Thanks for hiring
me.  Thanks for wonderful teenage memories I will always treasure.  Most of all, know that there are people who
were listening who will never forget...The Horn.

Johnny Randall
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