Lee Alan Creative
A Full Service  Creative Consultancy & Creative Production Source  

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                                   THE AUTOMOBILE DEALERSHIP

    Lee Alan Creative is a Creative Consultancy and in house production source.  An
    innovative leader in Auto Dealer,  brand advertising and marketing for over 25 years.  

    We are creators of powerful memorable campaigns designed to indelibly place our
    client's name, location, brand, and  positive image in public mind.  Then, when in the
    market for the product or service, the buyer will  automatically shop our client  without
    thinking  twice,  searching  the Internet,  going  to a newspaper or asking a friend.  
    When the time to buy comes our client's name automatic. .    

    Coming from an early career in radio and television Lee Alan understood the simple
    concept that before anyone can remember a commercial message you must absolutely
    get their attention.  Only then will a message lodge in the brain.  And getting attention
    is a key ingredient in everything we produce.

    Commercials and most advertisements are rude, and many times loud and offensive
    interruptions to the reason we are accessing the medium.  No one likes  them.  
    Especially on Radio or TV when there are up to 10 in row !  Our campaigns get
    attention and maintain interest because they are either humorous, entertaining,
    riveting and/or highly interesting.   

    Applying  those concepts, we have produced hundreds of powerful advertising
    campaigns, thousands of  commercials,  corporate videos, musical images, network
    radio and television programs, CDs, DVDs, and now  the digital realm.  
    We are driven by one simple principal:  
                                                                                        "CREATIVE IS EVERYTHING"   !

    Please review these pages and contact us.  We'd welcome the challenge to custom
    one of our proven campaigns for you or even start with a clean sheet of paper and
    create another in a long line of originals.