Marc Avery
Tom Clay
Joel Sebastian
Dave Shafer
Tommy McIntyre
Paul Winter
Jim Hampton
Lee Alan
Joey Reynolds
Dave  Prince
Bob Green - WKNR
Robin Seymour
Danny Taylor
Steve Lundy
Fred Wolf
Erik Smith
The Audio book - First Release
Pat "Madcap" Murphy
After many late nights and early mornings. I finally read my own book out loud, and recorded it. I have included all
those fabulous voices youi see here who are part of the story.   

Dick Clark, Mickey Shorr, Fred Wolf, Joel Sebastian, Paul Winter, Bob Green, Dave Shafer, Robin Seymour, Dick
Osgood, The Lone Ranger, Marc Avery, Danny Taylor, Pat "Madcap" Murphy.  Dave "Sangoo" Prince,
Smiling-Fearless Barney Stutesman, pilot of Detroit's first Traffic Copter with yours truly flying along side him.  

You'll meet Tom Clay and his payola headlines, Joey Reynolds, Frantic Ernie Durham,  Stevie Wonder at age 15,
Check Berry just days after being released from prison playing at Walled Lake Casino.  New Year's Eve on WNIC
where you'll hear the great Alan Almond and me together and many of the voices who called on the air. Were you
one of them?  

This is the story my love affair with an audience. Of a legendary radio station steeped in creative history from The
Lone Ranger to the Motown Music explosion that rocked the world.     

I was privilaged to be there with it,   Lived it, breathed it, slept it, and a few times nearly died.  Literally.   It's about 11
hours of my life inside radio, entertainment, and some very personal revelations.  Plus 14 additional hours of all
those voices whose pictures you see here and parts of their actual shows, some never heard since then.  

Writing the written book was one thing; reading it out loud was another. At times it seemed it was all happening
again. Very emotional. So much so that more than once I had to stop, compose myself and start again. Hearing those
voices again, most of them now gone. They were your friends, my friends and competitors.  I  hope you enjoy
re-living those times with me, or living them for the first time.
Happy Memories    -        Lee Alan
Don Zee
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