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"Enjoyable Audio Book
Would you listen to Treasure Key
again? Why?
Yes, I liked the tempo and the way the
characters evolved. The narration was
"What a refreshing story..."
Would you listen to Treasure Key
again? Why?
Once I started listening to the book, I
could not stop. Fun, enjoyable and easy
to read/listen. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT.

This is a testimonial based on my working with
Celebrity Legends to  create a fantastic audio book of
my novel Titanic 2012 - Curse of RMS Titanic. Lee Alan
and Celebrity Legends are at the top of their game,
absolutely professional, efficient, and wonderful to
work with; in point of fact, I fear no words can truly
capture the level of excellence I found in joining
forces with Celebrity Legends, and as a result, I am
going back to Celebrity for more books to be brought
life by the Celebrity Legend players who brought my
characters to life and my settings palpable.  
Robert W. Walker,

The Crafted Voices of Mr. Lee Alan
When you think of craft, you think of a person with a
special skill. One occupation that comes to mind is a
masterful carpenter. Imagine a resourceful person
taking a tree and turning it into fine displays of
furniture. The carpenter will create, fix, and enhance
upon the architect’s request dream homes and
buildings of major proportions.

Mr. Lee Alan is a master of his craft as a voice actor
and narrator. Everyone will experience and hear in his
works the following:

Pitch, Pace, and Power
Mr. Alan possesses precision control over vocal
ranges. From the rich deepness of a powerful man, to
the delicateness of a mother instructing her children;
he executes the right pitch of the human voice for the
scene. It is a pleasure for all ages to hear his story
telling ability. His modulation reading of a novel stirs
the emotions!

Mr. Alan has more than 35 years in the broadcasting
entertainment industry. With his years of experience,
he could create a syllabus and teach courses on
narration. Mr. Alan executes his narration skills like a
fine craftsman. He possesses the resources to help
any project be structured according to your desire for

You will find if “seeing is believing,” then hearing will
help you to feel and understand.

James Lynch Jr.

    5.0 out of 5 stars Edge of my chair,
    February 9, 2019
    Reader Review
    William (St. Peters, MO, United States)

    5.0 out of 5 stars Edge of my chair,
    February 9, 2019

    This review is from: Amongst My
    Enemies: A Cold-War Thriller (Audio

    I just finished the audio book. The story
    line kept my interest from the
    beginning. The narrator was one of the
    best I've heard, and I listen to a lot of
    audio books. His ability to give each of
    the characters a distinctive voice made
    it a great listen, and the music and
    sound effects made it seem like I was
    listening to a radio show. What more
    can I say...interesting story line and
    outstanding narrator and sound
    effects. I don't want to give away the
    plot twists and turns, but they're there.
    Prepare to be entertained.
       TITANIC  Audio Book
           Listener Review
            from  Audible.com
There is reading a book. There is reading a book well.
And then there is a level above both of those.

This level involves actually "presenting" a book... With
interpretation, with emotion, with drama. And not with
just the human voice. This level also involves actual
production quality with music and sound effects.

You can listen to just the words of a book. But you can
also actually experience a book with a reading, an
interpretation, and a presentation "par excellence".

This is exactly what you will get with the work of Lee
Alan. Presentation... Total experience... This is the gift
of the best audio book narrator I have ever heard. This
is the gift of narrator Lee Alan!

Donald Shyster 05-13-14
HOLDING THEIR OWN:   "Obviously the end of the series but that's too bad"
Completely enjoyed this last book, the whole book from the written word to the
narration to the music to the structure of the presentation was great. I enjoyed it all.
Looking forward to more quality book[s] by Joe Nobody and I'm sure he'll have
something for us in the future.
I've read all his books and this last one in the series [at least I believe it is by the
ending] shows that a good author just gets better as he writes more often and Joe has
most certainly improved his ability to keep an ol' die hard like me entertained.
Hi Lee,

I'm so excited about this audiobook! You've done a FABULOUS job, and I can't wait for
people to hear it. It's far better than just a reading. It came to life! I'll definitely hit you up
for the extended sample for when I do a book signing or other "con" type event.

Thanks so much for all your hard work and for doing such a great job with my book!
Warm regards,  Karen
"The Kinshield Legacy" - K.C. May
The Chronicles of Dragon"  A  10 Book Series

Where does The Chronicles of Dragon: The Hero, the
Sword and the Dragons rank among all the audio
books you’ve listened to so far?  
The sound effects and music all make it fantastic!
Audible Listener Review
"Fantastic music and sound effects!"

What other book might you compare
Sheppard of the Argonne to and why?
This audiobook is in the same style as
"The Hunt for Red October", unfolding
events from the different perspectives
of the characters.
What does Lee Alan bring to the story that
you wouldn’t experience if you just read
the book?
Lee Alan brings sound effects, music and
different voices and accents. It feels as
if you are listening to real events
Copyright Celebrity Legends,LLC 2017
    Bill Brown ( Author) says:
    Thanks for the great review, William,
    and I see you also posted it on
    Audible, which I really appreciate.
    This was my first audio book, with
    Lee. A few months before, I finished
    another one. . . .  I have one free
    download left ,  ,  , if you would like to
    listen to it. If you are also a reader,
    I'd be happy to send you a Kindle
    copy of Aim True My Brothers. Let
    me know
    Thanks, Bill Brown
Wayne Gales - Face Book Comment

I made it! One Thousand Audible.com books!
Thank you Lee Alan for your amazing work.
There's audio books and then there's AUDIO
BOOKS. Lee turned my work into art.
Wayne Gales•
"Treasure Key - "Key West Camouflage"
            "Key West Normal"