ie Wonder
Marvin Gaye
Soupy Sales  
Johnny Carson  
Bill Kennedy  
Lou Gordon
Fred Wolf
Joey Reynolds
Tom McIntyre
Frank Sinatra
Tom Clay
JP McCarthy  
Deano Day
Lone Ranger
First Beatles Interview
James Arnes
Ronald Reagan
What's My Line
Marc Avery  
Jim Hampton
Dragnet Bob  Seger
Chuck Berry
Nat King Cole
John F. Kennedy
Chubby Checker
Quincy Jones
Sammy Davis Jr
Huntley & Brinkley
Joel Sebastian
Paul Winter
Dave Shafer
Joey Reynolds
Pat St John
Bob Hart  
Rita Bell  
Dick Osgood
Danny Taylor
Smoky Robinson
Florence Ballard
Byron MacGregor
Martha & Vandellas
Eddie Kendricks
Mary Wilson  
Diana Ross
Berry Gordy Jr.
Lee Alan  
Abbott & Costello,
The Great Carsoni  
Chicken Man  
Jack Webb  
Art Linkletter
Barney Stutesman's  WXYZ
Paul Anka
Rick Nelson
Ed McMahon
and dozens more. . . . . . .
Lee Alan presents .  .  
Copyright             Celebrity Legends,LLC  2017
From hundreds of hours of recordings
comes this fabulous collection of powerful memories of the way we were.
It is filled with the people, events and music that shaped our youth and our very lives.
Silly, ridiculous, serious, hilarious, and wildly entertaining.  
It's all here.  I was privileged to be a part of it.
The center of what was the greatest radio and music city in the world.  
Not only Detroit - - but radio as it was and should be.  
The Music - The Sounds - the People - Commercials we remember too
It's all here.  
This is the way we were.   .   .5 Hours
All those wonderful voices we grew up with are in it
many of whom are my friends now in heaven.
                                                                  Lee Alan
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"TURN YOUR RADIO ON"  The Audio Book
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"Turn Your Radio On"
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