Charlie Park
Clark Reid
Bill Kennedy
Charles Fritz
Dave Diles
Dee Barton
Van Patrick
Whether I knew them for a  lifetime or only a minute or two every
parson on this page was my friend.  I could tell you a story about
each one.

Their talent, times we shared, their personalities, hopes, dreams
and the love and respect they had for each other, and for many of
them how they loved their audiences or the people they served.

My Mom and Dad and friends now in Heaven whom I absolutely
believe I shall one day see again.  May God Bless them one and all.

My Two Biggest Fans who were always there for me, no matter
the hardship.
Del Shannon
Dave Shafer
My Two Biggest Fans
Don Zee
Tom Clay
Elvis Presley
Barney Stutesman
Mickey Shorr
Don Large
Don McLeod
Brace Beemer
Ernie Durham
Matvin Gaye
Ed McKenzie
John Pival
George harrison
Ernir Harwell
Harry Kosins
Bud Lynch
Nellie Knorr
Bill Petrocey
Steve Lundy
Mort Neff
Auntie Dee Parker
Mort Neff
Jim  Davis
Mort Neff
Harry Martin
Soupy Sales
Dick Clark
Marc Avery
Joe Gentille and Ralph Binge
Dick Osgood
Jac Legoff
Jamie Coe
Jerry Martin
James Quello
Johnny Slagle
Joey Ryan
Joel Sebastian
Paul Winter                            Fred Wolf
Norman Brooks
Lee Dreyfus
Joseph (JP) McCarthy
Judge Michael Martone
Rich Noble                                Pat Murphy                                 Pete Pedersen
Jac Legoff
  Rita  Bell                                        Sparky Anderson                                                  Deano Day                                   Bill Carruthers                    Sonny Elliot
Too many more
- - -
Dick Buller
Fred Knorr
Aretha Franklin
Mike Clark
Joe Glover
Rich Fisher
Jimmy Launce