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    Lee Alan Reicheld is a nationally known producer of television, film, radio,
    creative concepts, music, and commercials.  He is a recognized expert in f  
    media,  sales and Marketing,  Lee is a sales trainer, musician, composer,
    and  published author.  

    His voice is recognizable in every corner of our country.  Prior to entering
    the advertising business Lee’s career in Broadcasting is legend.  His
    ratings on radio and television frequently exceeded 50 percent of the
    audience, an unheard of share today.  He also served as Program
    Manager/Director for WXYZ-ABC Radio Detroit.

    Lee was  licensed by the Michigan State Board of Education to open a
    Broadcast Institute, later sold it  and moved into the field of  advertising
    and marketing specializing in the Auto Dealer business.

    He has produced radio and television programs for CBS, ABC, NBC, Cable,
    and  syndication.  His work includes hundreds of Television, film and
    creative approaches for public entertainment and advertisers.   Lee was a
    Peabody Award nominee for his epic  salute  to freedom entitled  "The
    Americans - Presenting the 4th of July".

    As a  motivational speaker he has visited 22 states and 3 foreign countries
    speaking to National Auto Dealer 20 Groups, the NADA National
    Convention, and dozens of State Retail Associations on the subject of,
    broadcast programming, sales, advertising and marketing.

    His career to date is chronicled in the books:  “WIXIE Wonderland” by Dick
    Osgood, University of Wisconsin Press and “Rockin’ Down The Dial” by
    David Carson, Momentum books,  “From Soupy To Nuts” by Tim Kiska, and
    others. Lee has now published his autobiography entitled:  
                “Turn Your Radio On – Live From Motown”
                                                    KW publishing       
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