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    The word "Campaign" is  the most misused word in advertising and marketing.  Most advertisers refer to any
    advertising they do as a Campaign.  A Campaign is not merely a few unrelated commercials or ads.  

    A Campaign  is a very powerful tool.   When created and implemented properly it is so indelibly embedded into the   
    mind that when the prospect  finally comes into the market for the product or service they will automatically shop the
    advertiser.  No reliance on an ad, commercial, or other influence.  

    For Auto Dealers a marketing Campaign is a coordinated series of related steps that  include powerful identification
    of the Brand, Location, and the Product or service presented with a continuing consistent theme  throughout all
    media.  Small ad budgets may use only one or two media.  Makes no difference.  The creative message of a powerful
    campaign has synergy and can be utilized in any medium. The theme must be always be consistent.  

    You are the brand!  Not the product or the service you sell. If they don't know your name or location the products
    and services will go unsold.   You are selling you !  

    The absolute essential ingredients in a Campaign are Name, Location ( web site), Product or Service, and an implied
    If you expect your business to grow, you'll have to become an effective marketer, advertiser and promoter of your
    business.  You must  develop and stay with a "Campaign".   Each element of a Campaign is related to those before it.
    A Campaign is much the same principle as an Erector Set with pieces that can be put together and function with the
    same effectiveness when placed in any medium.  Radio, TV, Print, Internet, Direct Mail, Signs, Business Cards etc.  

    A Campaign is serialized, much like any successful television or radio program.  A Campaign is an overall Logo
    with dozens; even hundreds of parts.  It has a distinct character all its own.  So much so that even one or two
    seconds will cause the mind to recall the entire story.

    To be effective your campaign must first get attention and keep it throughout the message.  To do that it must be
    either Humorous, Entertaining, Interesting or highly Informative and riveting. Without one of those you are wasting
    your money.  You'll never get their attention and no one will remember the message. And even worse, you'll have to
    spend more and more money for more and more frequency just to get a minimum response.

            No one ever remembers a newspaper ad.  A newspaper ad is for today's business only.  Individual Price & Item         
            commercials are not effective because they are not remembered.  Like a newspaper ad, no one remembers price &
            item.  No one!  

    No one likes commercials.They are only rude interruptions; many times loud and offensive.  And they can actually
    UNSELL the product.  Both Radio and Television now run 10-12 consecutive commercials.  If yours is stuck in the
    middle does anyone pay ATTENTION?   Unless our precepts of getting attention are followed, the answer is probably
    not.  Without them all you can do to get your message through is run it more often and spend too much money
    doing it.  

    The first Campaign we developed was for a Chevrolet Dealer.  The dealer was 20th out of 35 dealers in his zone.  Six
    months later he was number one.  The dealer stayed with it for 20 years before he sold his business and moved on.  
    It was a humorous Campaign that drove home all the essentials.  Name, Location, Product, Bargain.  The humor was
    so bad that it was good.  Since then we have developed hundreds of CAMPAIGNS that can carry   
    thorough and be used in any medium.  


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