So many have  left us ...too many...Too Soon
Most recently and sadly,   Uncle Russ Gibb.   Before more of us
go......Before it's too l;ate  We're making this last reunion  happen.    
Everyone will be there. Those voices.  The ones you loved to listen to.  
The music they played.   We're all going to meet.  Personally.  We'll share
stories.  Yours and ours .  Memories.   And remember "The Way We
Were".  My radio & TV personality friends and  entertainers and I were
always on one side of the speaker or stage.  You on the other.  But this
time, . . before there is no more time,  We'll be together.  Not us on some
big stage and you in seats. We'll be right there with you.  We're  going to
laugh, talk, listen, and do what old friends do.....just remember the good

This is a big effort with big planning so stick with me, . I hope you won't
miss this It will never happen again.  Can't happen again.    A few hours
up close and personal to remember.  One Time. Yes....?    Will we see
you there ? .
Thanks:  Lee Alan
Saturday - September 14, 2019
Suburban  Collection Showplace
46100 Grand River, Novi, MI. 48374
On his next birthday, Robin Seymour willl be 94 years young.
He started his iconic journey in radio 72 years ago in a
makeshift studio over a furniture store in Dearborn Michigan.
Later that special voice was in every home and car, in our
homes every weekday on television, and regularly on stage
with stars from all parts of the country . His legend continues.
He wrote it all down. A book about all of it. Not easy at any
age, but nothing ever stopped Robin before. Why now ? So
he will travel 1500 miles for one purpose; to meet and greet
you at what truly will be our "Last Reunion". There are some
times in life when we need to just show up. This is one of
them, Something we must do. It is said he launched 1,000 hit
records. I think many of those stars will be there to honor and
meet him and you. I'll list the names as they let us know. And
what about you ? We want to meet and greet you face to face,
and share memories. This could only happen in Detroit where
the original Detroit Sound was "Bobbin With Robin".
Robin Seymour
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