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The Last Reunion Meet & Greet     Saturday, Sept 14  1 - 6pm  Suburban Collection Showplace, Novi, Michigan
Robin Seymour
On his next birthday, Robin Seymour will be 94 years young.  He started his iconic journey in radio 72 years
ago in a makeshift studio over a furniture store in Dearborn Michigan. For years his voice was
everywhere. Radio-TV Stage with stars from all parts of the country .  Now he's written  it all down.  Not
easy at any age.  He's  traveling  1500 miles for one purpose; to meet and greet you at what truly will be
our "Last Reunion"   It is said he launched 1,000 hit records. I think some of those stars will be there.  And
what about you ?  We want to meet and greet you face to face, and share memories. This could only
happen in Detroit where the original Detroit Sound was "Bobbin' With Robin".   More info:
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The Last Reunion
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Jack Scott
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