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There is reading a book. There is reading a book well. And then there is a level above
both of those.

This level involves actually "presenting" a book... with interpretation, with emotion, with
drama. And not with just the human voice. This level also involves actual production
quality with music and sound effects.

You can listen to just the words of a book. But you can also actually experience a book
with a reading, an interpretation, and a presentation "par excellence". This is exactly
what you will get with the work of Lee Alan. Presentation... total experience... this is the
gift of the best audio book narrator I have ever heard.
This is the gift of narrator Lee Alan!

Donald Schuster 05-13-14   -   WJR - Cumulus Broadcastng
Voice Artist
Audio book Producer
Producer - TV - Film - Radio
Creative Commecial Production
Radio-TV Personality
Advertising - Marketing Consultnt
NADA - Dealer 20 Grouyp Speaker
Musician - Commercial Music Composer
Peabody Award Nominee
Radio Station Imaging

This is a testimonial based on my working with Lee Alan to  create a fantastic
audio book of my novel
Titanic 2012 - Curse of RMS Titanic. Lee Alan and Celebrity
Legends are at the top of their game, absolutely professional, efficient, and
wonderful to work with; in point of fact, I fear no words can truly capture the level
of excellence I found in joining forces with Celebrity Legends, and as a result, I am
going back to Lee  for more books to be brought to
life  who brought my characters to life and my settings palpable.  
Robert W. Walker,

The Crafted Voices of  Lee Alan

When you think of craft, you think of a person with a special
skill. One occupation that comes to mind is a masterful
carpenter. Imagine a resourceful person taking a tree and
turning it into fine displays of furniture. The carpenter will
create, fix, and enhance upon the architect’s request dream
homes and buildings of major proportions.

                                                                     James Lynch Jr.

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